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  • The Circuit and DreamHouse - working together to see a city transformed.

    - written by Scott Crowder

    It's exciting times in Newport News!  On March 3rd, 2012 DreamHouse began meeting on Saturday nights at The Circuit, a marketplace ministry, in Hidenwood Shopping Center.  Lesa Ankney (pictured above with me) is the ministry leader/founder of The Circuit and has been dreaming for quite some time with God to see our city transformed and witness lives being set free to all that God has for them.  

    My parents first met Lesa and were immediately taken with her sense of community.  Within a couple of months my wife Charissa had met Lesa and started telling me how I needed to meet this lady and see how big her vision was for our city.   I had just returned from Bethel's School of Supernatural Worship and had been confronted by the Lord on how I had never lived past expectations - how I hadn't allowed God's thoughts for my region to become my own.  In short - I hadn't really, truly loved my city.  It was a divine connection for many as we linked arms and shared hearts over what God had spoken to us.

    For a long time the church has tried to fit the world into the church.  The strategy for many has been to try to get those that don't follow Jesus to see Jesus by attending a meeting, a worship concert or maybe reading a book, or seeing a inspirational film.  I keep coming back to this thought that it's human nature to make everything into bite size pieces.  That goes for food as much as it does for the revelation of heaven.  In the book of Exodus we read that God's presence was way too huge and scary for the Israelites to come close to once they were faced with Him at the mountain.  For hundreds of years they lived thier lives with a slave's mentality - their identity was based on obediance, their highest potential was surviving a crisis.  It was Moses, a man raised as a prince, that was comfortable enough to ask God Himself to show him His face.  Moses' adopted Egyptian family were the same royalty that had built pyramids - they lived for generations to see the expression of surpassing what was possible.  With this learned mentality, Moses had little probelm seeking after things that were bigger than he could fathom or understand.  The impossible was normal to him and because of this he was chosen to lead God's people into what had been promised to them.

    Back to our opening date on March 3rd and a short explanation of what we're doing with The Circuit.  Our church has become partners with another ministry to see a city changed.  The goal is to see heaven and the reality of what it's like in God's presence to be the expression of our city.  The order of how this happens is this - love God, love people.  Our gatherings our focused this way: 1) host His presence, 2) host people.  

    We're excited for what is ahead and grateful that we can come alongside other churches, businesses, minstries and fellowships that work with The Circuit to create something bigger than just another church service.  We want to see the impossible occur in the Hampton Roads area.  We want to see a people caught up with passion to live in the impossible.  We wish to dream, express and reveal with Heaven through worship and revival.  We want to see the lost sons/daughters of God come back into relationship with their God and lose the mentality that their highest potential is surviving a crisis.  

    Dreaming is thinking in a realm in which you’ve never thought before.  Beyond prejudice, schooling, old-patterns, small-paradigms, dreaming with God is the expression of living with the mind of Christ.  It's time to start dreaming.

    “For “who has known the mind of the Lord that he may instruct Him?” But we have the mind of Christ.”  1 Cor 2:16

    - Scott Crowder is co-leader of DreamHouse church along with his wife Charissa.  He is a 3rd generation pastor, worshiper, husband & dad.