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  • Every Problem Is An Opportunity

    - written by Scott Crowder

    His kingdom rules over all”.  Psalms 103:19

    In the light of the fact that the world has so many difficult issues and there are many who deny even the existence of God we can be sure that God’s kingdom has not lost ground or been shaken by the doubters.  In this Psalm David affirms his own belief in God during trying times.  Yes, there is sickness, disease, tiredness, weakness, doubts and sin.  David in the midst of darkness cried out for a greater reality.  In the face of need he plugs into God's power.  

    It’s our forgetfulness that steals away the assurance that God is God and that He reigns in every situation.  Our confidence is easily shaken and we start seeing clearly if we've built our life on God's goodness or on our own understanding.  Right here, right now God is looking for co-laborers to bring His kingdom from the invisible to the visible.  His kingdom rules over all - and is seen by all as His people re-present Him in the earth.

    When I worked as a salesman I was taught that every problem is an opportunity.  If a customer called with an issue of service not being up to what they had been promised right there was an opportunity to learn how I could better serve them.  Maybe something was missed when I drew up the contract for what solutions we could provide and now something was obviously not taking full care of my clients needs like I had initially thought.  Here was an opportunity to fix something we didn't fully know about.  If there was a complaint being filed that they hadn't heard from our company since the installation then here was an opportunity to create a better relationship for further partnership. 

    If you’ve uncovered an area of unbelief, hopelessness or defiance towards God's unseen kingdom you have uncovered an opportunity to bring the Kings-domain into the visible.  Shine the Light.  Proclaim the Truth. Show up with love that powerfully shifts the environment.  Heal the sick.  Raise the dead.  These aren’t suggestions given by Jesus to see us squirm.  These are results that come from moving forward on the promises of God.  The first part of Psalm 103:19 says “The Lord establishes His throne in the heavens.”  Why doesn’t it say the Lord establishes His throne on the earth?  It’s my belief that that this is our responsibility.  We are hope-bearers, solution-carriers, glory-revealers.  We co-labor with the King to bring  Heaven to Earth.  

    Our Father in Heaven - holy is Your name.  Your kingdom come.  Your will be done - on earth as it is in Heaven.