• If You Need A Category

    If You Need A Category

    We're not quick to categorize but if you want to know how we'd categorize ourselves read on.

    DreamHouse is a community in revival. Our prize is Jesus. We are... apostolic resource center. organized family.
    ...a river of creativity.
    ...a deployment station to the nations.
    ...a safe environment for healing and wholeness.
    ...a multi-generational expression of God’s grace. outpost from Heaven to Earth.
    ...a community that honors apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers as part of God’s plan to bring His body into maturity, unity and vitality.
    ...passionately equipping all saints to live as miracle workers, supernatural God-lovers, prophetic people, walking-talking habitations of His Presence revealing Jesus Christ in power.
    ...devourers of God’s word not samplers, unsatisfied by reading without encountering the Author.
    ...called to display the works of the Father not just talk about them.
    ...simple people who gave up on our fears, shortcomings, missed opportunities, family drama, mistakes, bad thinking, wandering hearts and the rest of what’s 'normal' in exchange for the life Jesus offered when he laid death in his grave and rose again to be glorified.
    ...convinced God is in a good mood because of the totality of Jesus’ payment for sin.
    ...writing 'blank checks' for healing and miracles in Jesus’ name that include the restoration of cities, blind eyes, deaf ears, cancer, missing limbs, AIDS, hepatitis, financial crisis, Parkinsons, mental disorders, blood issues and so on.
    ...contenders for breakthrough in medical communities, the sciences, the arts, government, entertainment and media, family life, education systems, religious communities and doctrines. to dream God-sized dreams.