January 12'

January 12' - Believing What God Says About Me

"Dreaming With The Father" (updated link) - recorded January 15th, 2012. Message by Scott Crowder

"Posture That Can Move God" (updated link) - recorded January 1st, 2012. Message by Charissa Crowder

Expected Outcome:

Believing who God says I am (instead of who my experience says I am)


I am who God says I am, not what my experience says I am.

My future is being transformed by my mind being renewed today.

Hope increases in my life as I believe truth.

Reinforcement Activities

Find a way to remind yourself daily of who God says you are.

Make time in your schedule throughout the month to regularly ask God what He thinks about you. Try to allow 10 -15 minutes of listening/mediation.

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