June 11'

Grace & Empowerment

"Living In A Grace Culture" updated - recorded June 26th, 2011. Message by Charissa Crowder.
"The Good News of Grace" updated - recorded June 19th, 2011. Message by Scott Crowder & Richard Strouse.  Music performed by Joel Flanagan
"Grace In Action" updated - recorded June 12th, 2011. Message by Scott Crowder.
"You Become What You Behold" updated - recorded June 5th, 2011. Message by Felicia Murrell.

Expected Outcome:

To experience grace in ourselves in order to empower grace in others


  • Grace abounds in me and through me.
  • My words impart grace to everyone who hears me speak.
  • God's grace empowers me to walk in love and the supernatural.
  • I lead a grace culture ministry that empowers people to thrive.
  • I powerfully restore people back into their purpose for living.