May 11'

Risk & Faith

"Captured by the King" updated - recorded May 29th, 2011.  Message by Scott Crowder.  The song "Call Me" is by United Pursuit Band and can be found on iTunes.

"Love In Motion (Missions Sunday)" updated - recorded on May 22nd, 2011.  Message by Hope Wiles.

Expected Outcome:

Leaders setting the standard by pushing the envelope of their comfort zones because of a revelation of the size of God within them.


  • I run at my Goliaths because I have a big God in me.
  • I consistently bring God encounters to others.
  • I am a God-pleaser, not a man-pleaser.
  • My risks do not result from an impulsive personality, but from a revelation of how big my God is.
  • I do everything in faith. I do not withdraw my faith after ministry or prayer.
  • I take a risk in Jesus' name everyday.
  • I lead my people on an adventure of risk and faith.
  • My life of risk matches my life of faith.