October 11'

Culture of Generosity - for the month of October

"What's God's Business?" updated - recorded October 30, 2011. Message by John Crowder

"Sunday morning with Lindy Oliver" updated - recorded October 23rd, 2011.  Message by Lindy Oliver.  Special song by Jason Clark, friend and author of Surrendered & Untamed. website

"Night with Rich & Lindy Oliver" updated - recorded October 22nd, 2011.  Message by Rich & Lindy Oliver - overseers of the River Fellowship and pastors in Roseville, CA at The Family Church.

Prophetic Culture

"Walking In Promise" updated - recorded October 9th, 2011.  Message by Scott Crowder
"That The World May Know" updated - recorded October 2nd, 2011.  Message by Scott Crowder

Expected Outcome:

To live a prophetic lifestyle in order to lead a prophetic culture.


  • I follow after love and earnestly desire spiritual gifts – especially that I may prophesy (1 Corinthians 14:1).
  • People are energized under my ministry because of the encouragement and prophesy that regularly flows from me.
  • I walk in a prophetic lifestyle and lead a ministry that calls out the gold in people.
  • I give identity to the fatherless through my prophecies.
  • I remember other people's prophetic words because it helps me see them the way God sees them.
  • I wage a good and victorious warfare through the prophecies that have been given to me (1 Timothy 1:18).