Senior Leaders

It's all about family. That's the whole story, start to finish - God's pursuit of His children.

Scott and Charissa are passionate for Jesus and are convinced that their role is to release people into dreaming with God, the Author and Finisher of our faith. They value authenticity, freedom and relationship as the values of all ministry. They are Kingdom builders working to see His will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Scott and Charissa started their journey together over 15 years ago after they met at Elim Bible Institute in upstate NY. They married in 98' and moved to Richmond, VA where Scott pursued a career in music while building relationships in the arts community. Charissa managed a local family owned restaurant, Joe's Inn while supporting Scott's dream. Five years later their daughter was born and Scott backed out of the music scene to support Charissa's dream of being a stay-at-home mother. In 2005, they moved to Wilmington, NC for Scott to better support his growing family with a corporate job in sales for a national company. Life's an adventure and God has good things in store for those who love Him.

In 2008, they felt God call them to move to Newport News where Scott’s parents, John & Mary Crowder served as pastors of Restoration Christian Center for 22 years. Within a couple of years, Scott became the assistant pastor while still working as an account executive with a large company. Living with hearts awakened for a deeper expression of ministry Scott was led to quit his job and attend the Bethel School of Supernatural Worship in the summer of 2010. The trip in itself was a huge miracle. While in California he felt the Lord leading them to "show up in Virginia for the first time".  With no real plan in place and three little one’s to care for, this was a big leap of faith! The school experience was catalytic and confirmed "the desires of his heart”. Two months after returning to Virginia both he and Charissa felt a stirring for leading the local church, Restoration Christian Center, that his parents had overseen for twenty-two years. The transition to church leaders was a smooth one and in early 2012 the church name was changed to DreamHouse.