September 11'

Releasing The Supernatural

"Part 1" and "Part 2" updated links- from Steve & Wendy Backlund - recorded September 22nd, 2011.

Bio:  Steve & Wendy are ministers that carry a message of hope, vision and faith, as well as imparting keys for effective, joy-filled living and leadership.

The Backlunds were senior pastors for seventeen years before joining the Bethel Church (Redding, California) team in 2008. Ten of those years were spent on the backside of the desert in Central Nevada where they led their church into renewal, significant numerical growth and positively affecting their area.

In 2001 Bill Johnson and Kris Vallotton called them to be senior leaders at Mountain Chapel in Weaverville, California (the church that Bill led for seventeen years) to continue leading the outpouring there. As a result of these experiences, Steve and Wendy have a special heart for senior leaders of rural and smaller churches. They believe strong local churches are the key to sustaining and increasing the manifestation of this current spiritual awakening.

"Our lives have been impacted greatly from Steve & Wendy's ministry. Their lives our beacon's of hope and they shine wherever they go. We have read their books, listened to their teachings, sat under their ministry and not only recommend them but encourage all to receive what they share because it's contagious and life-giving. They truly represent the good news."
- Scott & Charissa Crowder, leaders of Restoration Christian Center

For more on Steve & Wendy Backlund check out Ignited Hope Ministries.

"That's A Promise" updated - recorded September  20th, 2011; message by Scott Crowder
"Eternal Things" updated - recorded September 11th, 2011; message by Scott Crowder
"Stepping Into His Goodness" updated - recorded September 4th, 2011; message by Scott & Charissa Crowder

Expected Outcome:

Living beyond what we can do.


  • The invisible realm is more real to me than the visible realm.
  • Angels are with me at all times to minister to me, strengthen me, and to assist me.
  • I consistently release the supernatural to others by faith (not by sight or feeling).
  • I am relentless in my pursuit of releasing the supernatural. I will not take ‘no’ for an answer. I will not let apparent failure stop me.
  • I increasingly have supernatural, Holy Spirit infused dreams, visions, trances, unusual miracles, manifested authority over demons, translations, angelic visitations, new infillings of the Holy Spirit and other experiences & encounters.